Lamfort Global is a Global Trading Solution company set in Turkey that began its first global commercial activity in 2010 by using in-depth marketing knowledge and many years of experience in international trades.

The main activity of our company is to provide solutions to FMCG ( Food & Non-Food) and construction material products requests, taking into account the characteristics of the target market, customer profile and the needs of the end user. All our employees have extensive experience in international marketing, export sales, logistics, and speak foreign languages ​​at a high level.

Additionally, Lamfort® is the official representative of the International Sales & Marketing Department of many reliable manufacturers, carefully selected in accordance with the EU quality standards.

Lamfort Global’s working policy is based on creating strong, long-term and mutually beneficial business relationships with the partners. Our cooperation with leading companies and enterprises engaged in the development of innovative products and technologies, within a wide range of high quality products complying with worldwide standards, allows Lamfort Global to successfully satisfy the highest expectations from the customers always focusing on the best service and total availability that guarantees the complete trust and appreciation from those who work with us.

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