How we do

We offer practical and efficient trade solutions by analysing features of international market and business specifications. The internal quality control system ensures an adequate level of safety of the supplied products, compliance with global industry standards and the technical requirements set by the customer. Our after sales support will make sure if there is any detail that can be improved in the future projects.


Thanks to the strong partnerships that Lamfort Global has created through the years with the best manufacturers and logistics companies in Turkey, our team can easily combine different types of products from different categories even in one container, and create a perfect balance of “Volume-Weight” to reduce logistics costs significantly, as the orders can be optionally adapted to your stock needs for an optimal turnover performance.

Our experienced team attentively provides great support and help in case of special designs and labelling. Our wide knowledge in private label projects and product registration processes in different countries, allows to implement the concepts of our customers into the product and in the target market easily.